Library Vocabulary: Glossary of Library Words. Do you have a text an individual located on the selection’s site which doesn’t are available in this gloss?

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Library Vocabulary: Glossary of Library Words. Do you have a text an individual located on the selection’s site which doesn’t are available in this gloss?

Using this gloss

Did you notice text throughout the library’s page that baffled one? Employ this help guide to find keywords commonly used for the collection.

Can there be a phrase one on the collection’s web site it doesn’t come in this gloss? Contact Christal kids for allow and even to possess the name added to this set.


This glossary is designed to tell you about words/terminology popular in an educational library setting.

Click on the mail below to jump for that area of the alphabet:

Abstract: “a synopsis or concise description associated with information found in another much longer perform. An abstract often is furnished in addition to the citation to a-work.”

Almanac: “1. A collection, generally annual, of reports and details, both latest and retrospective. Can be wide in physical and topic insurance, or restricted to a specific land or condition or to a unique issue. 2. An annual incorporating miscellaneous situation, just like a calendar, an index of astronomical occasions, growing game tables, astrological forecasts, and stories” (description from Yale institution selection)

Annotation: “1. An email describing, clarifies, or examines; specially this an email included in an admission in a bibliography, reviewing listing, or catalog. 2. approach to generating this ideas. Annotation would be the end product of developing these records.” (Description from Colorodo County School Libraries)

Archives: “1. A location which contains historic or public information. 2. The historical or public information by themselves, which can be non-circulating content particularly series of personal documents, rare guides, ephemera, etc.”

Content: “a short work—generally between 1 and 35 content in length—on a subject. Often posted within a diary, magazine, or publication.”

Atlas: “a magazine or tied selection of routes, cases, etc.; Volume of routes, dishes, outpersonals promo code engravings, information, etc., which may be always compliment a copy; or it may be an impartial book.” (Classification from Colorodo State Institution Libraries)

Accessory: “a different document (for example, copy, spreadsheet, artwork, cd, clip) transferred with an e-mail communication.”

Verification: “a burglar alarm procedure that usually employs usernames and accounts to verify the recognition of users before creating all of them access to certain know-how.”

Writer: “The person(s) or organization(s) that authored or compiled a post. Looking ideas under its publisher’s name is one option in browsing.”

Bibliography: “a listing including citations for the guides utilized in composing a study papers as well as other file.” See also: address.

Book: “a comparatively extensive process, commonly for a passing fancy matter. Might be pattern or electronic.”

Guide piles: “Shelves inside selection where materials—typically magazines—are kept. Records within the e-book piles are often organized by label multitude. May be referred to only while the “stacks.”

Boolean user: “A word—such as AND, OR, or NOT—that directions a pc to combine search queries. Helps to tiny (AND, never) or broaden (OR) queries.”

Web browser: “a pc software program that allows customers to view Internet sources. Microsoft ie, Netscape Navigator, and Mozilla Firefox are typical browsers.”

Call numbers “a variety of mail and/or number that identifies a certain piece in a collection and a means for planning collection holdings. Two major kinds of ring rates include Dewey Decimal label quantities and collection of Congress name quantities.”

Directory “a website (either online or written down playing cards) detailing and describing the literature, journals, administration documents, audiovisual and other resources kept by a library. A variety of keywords allow you to search products in the list.”

CD “an abbreviation for cd; really utilized for storage electronic information.”

Chat “the opportunity to communicate with many, personal computer to computer, via keyed in information.”

Go look at: “To borrow/rent/loan/issue a product from a library for a fixed time period if you wish to read, listen to, or notice. Check-out times vary by collection. Foods are actually tested in the blood circulation desk.”

Blood flow desk: “the area within the archive in which you have a look at, continue, and go back library ingredients. You can also place a hold, state goods gone within the shelf, or pay later part of the fees or fines here.” Referred to as a Loan table.

Citation “a regard to an ebook, publication or record write-up, as well as other services that contains all the details necessary to diagnose and find that work. A citation to a magazine thus include the writer’s name, name, manager location of publishing, and go steady of publishing.”

Influenced language: “Standardized words utilized in looking a particular database.” Furthermore notice: Descriptors, matter traveling .

System reserve: “a variety of products, content, videotapes, as well as other materials that teachers decide kids read through or look at for a specific program. Print book supplies are usually keep in one area associated with the collection and move for only a short period of time.” Find out furthermore: Automated book.

Data: “A collection of help and advice stored in an electronic format that have been explored by a computer system.”

Information “a text that describes the topic of a document or ebook; in a lot of computer directories.”

Dial-up: “A device utilizing phone contours that permits a computer system to gain access to the world-wide-web or two notebooks to communicate.”

Dissertation: “a longer posted management of a subject matter (like an ebook) published by a scholar beginner as a necessity for a doctorate.”

Report sending – a site that retrieves or photocopies expertise sources for selection customers.” Furthermore read Interlibrary Loan and contract shipments (IDD), our very own instructions on USC’s report transport system.